For Stakeholders

For Stakeholders

In addition to providers, Capra Health provides other industry stakeholders with the tools they need to maximize efficiency and achieve their corporate objectives. Capra Health serves an array of industry stakeholders including:

Pharmaceutical and Device Companies

Small to mid-size pharmaceutical companies often need help communicating the reimbursement dynamics of their products to providers and insurers in the local community.  Large pharmaceutical companies need help connecting with major health industry contacts for education, communication, and sponsorship.

Capra Health’s consultants have significant experience building and executing plans to maximize manufacturer/provider/payer contact.   Whether through outsourcing, training, or intelligence sharing, Capra Health can provide services to best help manufacturers penetrate local and regional markets.

Private Equity/Venture Capital

When investing in a health care company, there are a number of factors that a private equity or venture capital firm must consider including:  regulatory framework, reimbursement landscape, reimbursement potential for facilities and technologies, and appropriate notice to regulatory bodies.  Capra Health has deep experience helping investment companies with acquisitions or sales of drugs/devices as well as shepherding investors through the regulatory requirements inherent in facility change of ownership.

Governmental Agencies

Many argue that the biggest problem in healthcare regulatory compliance and reimbursement today is the lack of effective communication between government agencies and the constituents/providers that they regulate.  With agency staffing at skeleton crew-level and budgets stretched to the minimum, Capra Health can affordably help government agencies build communication and provider outreach strategies in a manner that best reaches intended audiences.

Additionally, through deep state and Federal policy analysis experience, Capra Health can assist government agencies with review of policy implications and market research regarding proposed or enacted legislation.

Health Plans

Capra Health operates at the intersection between business, government and healthcare providers.  We seek to build bridges between industry stakeholders in order to create efficiencies in reimbursement, and that pathway does not just flow from providers to health plans.

Capra Health can help health plans understand state and local regulation, reach out to providers/regulators/stakeholders, and help advance innovative health plan structures such as pilot and  demonstration projects.  We are proud of our work with managed care, and view health plans as partners to providers rather than adversaries.

Professional Organizations

Capra Health firmly believes that healthcare professional organizations are the most effective tool that provider groups have at their disposal.  We are committed to being active members of these organizations and welcome inquiries about presentations, partnerships, and research opportunities.

If you are a stakeholder listed above, please do not hesitate to contact Capra Health with any reimbursement, regulatory or compliance issue at  If your industry sector is not listed, chances are that we have experience in that area as well.  We are very happy to provide you with a consultation and our capabilities at any time!