For Attorneys

For AttorneysCapra Health was founded by a former healthcare attorney and has been working hand-in-hand with provider and stakeholder legal counsel for over a decade.  What we offer attorneys is simple:  The opportunity to bring in a regulatory compliance specialist that “speaks lawyer” to inform your representation of a provider in a way that allows you to maintain control of the representation without handing it off to another lawyer or law firm.  Capra believes that this arrangement allows attorneys to look out for their client’s best interests through continuity of representation and depth of knowledge of client business practices and objectives.

Due to our firm’s rate structures, Capra Health can provide this “partner level” expertise at “junior associate” rates.

For Provider Regulatory and Corporate Counsel

Capra Health understands that the ultimate responsibility for regulatory compliance lies in the hands of the business.  But, we also understand that – in all practicality – the business relies on its attorneys to provide legal advice and approval of compliance programs before they go into effect.

It would be impossible for every provider attorney to possess the detailed regulatory knowledge he/she needs to provide that essential legal advice to their client.  We can help regulatory and corporate counsel efficiently and economically round out attorney and client knowledge in a way that will allow the attorney to provide an informed legal opinion based this collaboration.

For Litigators

Capra Health helps litigation attorneys provide the appropriate level of due diligence in healthcare disputes.  Because of the sophisticated regulatory overlay in healthcare, there are often regulatory issues raised in healthcare litigation that could affect the proceedings in a significant way.  We understand the claims process.  We can work the file and read medical charts.  We can provide advice in a way that an expensive hired gun expert witness cannot. Capra Health will work with litigators to spot relevant issues and provide an explanation and understanding of the regulations in a way that will allow the attorney to interpret those appropriate laws/regulations and apply them to the facts of the case.

***Please Note:  Although it possesses an in-depth knowledge of healthcare regulatory and compliance systems, Capra Health is not a law firm and does not provide legal services (as defined by the state or controlling law of the relevant jurisdiction). Businesses and their appropriately-licensed attorneys bear ultimate responsibility for compliance with applicable laws – Capra Health can only help attorneys and their clients understand the regulatory environment in order to inform sound legal arguments and opinions.***