Capra Health, a comprehensive healthcare reimbursement, regulatory and compliance consulting firm, was founded with the simple goal to help health industry participants succeed in a rapidly-changing healthcare regulatory environment. While many of Capra Health's services are provided for hospitals, high-volume practices and other healthcare providers, we also serve an array of other health industry participants sharing the same objective: to survive and thrive in a resource-scarce healthcare marketplace.


Drawing on our vast knowledge in a range of healthcare reimbursement, regulatory, and compliance subjects, Capra Health provides complete consulting support for hospitals, health systems, high-volume provider groups, long-term care providers, community health centers and more.

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In addition to providers, Capra Health provides other industry stakeholders with the tools they need to maximize efficiency and achieve their corporate objectives. Capra Health serves an array of industry stakeholders. Click below to read more about our available services.

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What we offer attorneys is simple: The opportunity to bring in a regulatory compliance specialist that "speaks lawyer" to inform your representation of a provider in a way that allows you to maintain control of the representation without handing it off to another lawyer or law firm.

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